Naomi Judd has not been shy about her battle with mental illness, and she's speaking up again as part of the Child Mind Institute's mental health awareness program.

In the above video, Judd speaks honestly about what she would tell her younger self about mental illness. "Don't stigmatize people," the country singer advises. "You're going to lose your ability, your chance to get to know them as a real human being."

She also offers some insight into the disease, saying that through research for her book, River of Time: My Descent Into Depression and How I Emerged With Hopeshe learned that there are 40 million people in the U.S. grappling with depression — a statistic she couldn't wrap her head around.

"I can't even grasp that," Judd admits, encouraging people to not judge others. "And just think about it this way, if each one of us practiced being more kind, we could all literally change the world."

River of Time, released in 2016, chronicles Judd's journey with depression. It's a disease of the mind that causes her to constantly be aware of her emotions. "I’ve learned I have to take my medication, do my therapies and be constantly vigilant about my moods," she adds in the video.

Judd was one half of popular country duo the Judds with daughter Wynonna Judd. The mother-daughter act have taken home multiple Grammy, CMA and ACM awards in addition to racking up twenty Top 10 hits on the country charts since the '80s.

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