hose It was a very busy Friday morning for eastern Iowa law authorities, who were involved in a lengthy chase that led to three arrests.

It all started at 10:08 Friday morning when officers from the Hiawatha Police Department tried to stop a vehicle that had been connected to the use of a number of stolen credit cards. The vehicle was able to elude police blocking its exit from the Kwik Shop at 300 Blairs Ferry Road in Hiawatha. It then went south on Center Point Road before Hiawatha police ended their pursuit near 51st St and Center Point Road. The Iowa State Patrol then took over, watching the vehicle from a Patrol aircraft.

The suspects' vehicle went onto Interstate 380 southbound before taking Interstate 80 eastbound. A media release from the Hiawatha Police Department also says the suspects in the vehicle actually exited Interstate 80, pulled into a convenience store, and changed drivers before continuing their flight. As the Iowa State Patrol continued to watch from above, police departments in front of the vehicle's route were contacted to begin to prepare tire deflation devices.

After appearing to experience some type of mechanical issue, the vehicle slowed to around 45 mph and exited at Herbert Hoover Highway. It then traveled northeast. After authorities attempted another traffic stop, the vehicle ended up driving over a tire deflation device and came to a stop near West Branch High School.

All three of the people in the vehicle were arrested and taken to Hiawatha.

Dwayne Spraggins, 27, of Chicago, Illinois has been charged with On Going Criminal Conduct and Forgery-Credit Cards X2

Lamark Green, 28, of Hazel Crest, Illinois was charged with On Going Criminal Conduct, Forgery-Credit Card, and Felony Eluding

Antwan Green, 32, of Chicago, Illinois has been charged with On Going Criminal Conduct, Forgery-Credit Card X2, and Felony Eluding

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