Just as quickly as it went viral, the new monolith that appeared yesterday in Romania is gone.

Local media outlets reported that the strange structure was removed sometime Sunday night, but nobody knows who did it.

Multiple locals reported seeing "strange lights" in the nearby area, according to Jurnalfm.

The monolith appeared on the plateau of Batca Domnei, according to local news outlet, which was between 9.8 feet and 13.1 feet tall, and is sitting uncomfortably close to the ancient fortress Petrodava.

It's still not known where the monoliths came from, why they're disappearing, or why they're reappearing on the other side of the planet, and then disappearing again. Where's it going to be?

The first monolith was placed illegally, because it was placed without permission within red rocks, on a remote section of public land. Police say they aren't opening a major investigation into the structure, because they don't have the time, resources, or energy for that crap.

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