Last August, country singer Jay Allen made headlines when the song he wrote for his mother battling Alzheimer's disease went viral.

Allen, who is a native of Stout, Iowa and studied at UNI, wrote the song "Blank Stares" for his mother who was battling Alzheimer's disease. While opening for Jake Owen at the Dubuque County Fair last year, Allen brought his mom on stage and performed it for her. It was an emotional moment for everyone there that night and audience member Lori Ditmer got to witness it firsthand. She recorded the moment, uploaded it to Facebook, and it quickly went viral. The song not only touched the hearts of people everywhere who could relate, but it also raised awareness about the disease.

Allen's mother Sherry Rich was 53-years-old as the final stages of the disease set in, and on Monday (2/26) she passed away. Allen wrote a beautiful tribute to her on his Instagram. Get your tissues ready.

Through the heartbreak of losing his mother, Jay has helped others who are going through the same thing. According to Allen's Instagram post just last week, "Blank Stares" has helped raise over $25 million in the fight against Alzheimer's disease.

Our hearts are with you Jay! You can join the fight against this unfair disease by visiting

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