I like joy. I like emojis. I use a lot of the positive, happy ones in fact. My friends have accused me, a 40-year-old man, of texting like a 13-year-old girl. And, I won't deny it. I can even tell you that emojis became popular in the 1990s, but can be traced back to the 60s.

Despite professing an enjoyment for little yellow faces, I will say, even I have my limits and today I found a home that belonged to someone who's exceeded my emoji threshold.

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Today I will share with you a Midwestern home that has (maybe had as it's been sold) so many emojis, it's actually terrifying. VERY terrifying. The one-time homeowners also had an obsession with Elvis Presley, as you'll also see. In fact, between the emojis and the Elvis... tribute, it's a shock this home hasn't been featured on a Dateline episode.

Before we jump inside the house, and we have to because the outside disguises what's inside, here are some fast facts on this Midwestern emoji paradise:

  • The house is in Brainard, Minnesota (ya sure you betcha country - also, where the movie "Fargo" was largely filmed)
  • The home was for sale in 2021 and sold at some point that year. Hence, it's not current;y on the market
  • 3 bed, 1.5 bath
  • 1,922 sqft
  • Built back in 1951, well before emojis were popular

So while our little smiley friends are fun, in moderation, on a phone or computer screen, do you really want a whole room full of them? How about most of a HOUSE full?

If so, enjoy! If not, hold on tight cuz it's about to get bizarre...

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