It's a widely known fact that former professional ice hockey player — and Carrie Underwood's husband — Mike Fisher likes him some hunting. He likes it so much, in fact, that he went ahead and covered Lonestar's signature love song "Amazed," but he made it entirely about that particular recreational pastime. And if that's not enough deer-catching amazement for you, there's an official music video to boot.

Indeed, Fisher's "Amazed" takes the 1999 country hit celebrating astounding affection and refashions it into an ode to deer hunting. Each line departs from the original's lovelorn purview to regale listeners with the retired athlete's tale of landing a buck.

"Every time our eyes meet/I panic and I freeze/At night you keep me awake," the lyrics begin. "Booner, when you show up/I'll be ready with my bow up/I will not hesitate."

Released last week (Nov. 15), the clip includes onscreen endorsements for associated weapons and hunting gear companies such as Browning, Hoyt Archery, Realtree, Rage, Rambo and Alps Outdoorz — and, of course, his own enterprise, Catchin' Deers.

It's not the first time that Fisher has shared a hunting-themed country cover. Around this time last year, the amateur singer parodied his own wife's "Before He Cheats" with the Earl Dibbles-like "Before She Bleats."

The former athlete's love of hunting has even made it into holiday affectations with Underwood, who ironically is a vegan and does not endorse her husband's hobby. (In fact, when he posted this video on his Instagram account, Underwood dryly commented, "Don't make me unfollow you."). For Halloween two years ago, the "Jesus, Take the Wheel" singer and 2019 CMA Awards co-host dressed up like a deer while Fisher portrayed the hunter who captured her.

Before his NHL retirement, Fisher was traded to from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators in a handy move that made him closer to Underwood's home base in Music City.

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