Social distancing has us all getting a little creative!

A man from Richfield, Wisconsin has gone viral after finding a fun way to deliver a beer to his neighbor in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a recent article from Fox6, Eric Trzcinski "is a car guy -- and strapped a spare exhaust tip from his collection to the back of his remote control car using zip ties. The exhaust tip was exactly the right size to hold a bottle of beer." That's right - Eric modified an RC car so that he could send a beer down the street. And what beer did he send over? Corona, of course!

Eric called up his neighbor Trevor Reinke and warned him about the incoming delivery, asking him to record a video. After only three days, the video, which was posted to Facebook, already had over 5 million views. Now that news stations all over the Midwest have picked up the story, that number now much, MUCH higher! Check it out for yourself:

Thanks to Eric Trzcinski for brightening our week! I think we could all use a good laugh right now.

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