In St. Charles, Minnesota, there's a cattle company that holds an annual production sale.  But at this year's Heim Cattle Company production sale, one of their bulls set a record. A BIG record. It sold for what is thought to be the highest price ever seen in Minnesota.

At the 7th Annual production sale, owner Nathan Heim watched a group of seven ranches buy the bull for the astonishing price of $280,000. Records show Ankony Angus, Galaxy Beef, Leachman Cattle Company, Mogck & Sons, R.A. Brown Ranch, TD Angus, and Thomas Angus Ranch were those seven ranches.

The sale is enormous, but was that Heim's favorite part of the day? Nope. The  heifer give-away is his favorite part. From his website...

I feel that it is important for us to give to the youth to help them get started in this business as many of my now friends and mentors have done for me in the past. (Source)

Ever been to a production sale? Me, either. So I wondered how complicated it was to buy a bull. Buying...not so complicated. Knowing what to buy looks pretty daunting.

On this  website, they lay it out so even I could understand and I was today years old I never realized you'd have a goal setting session at the start.

"Setting goals is an important first step says Darrh Bullock, beef genetic specialist with University of Kentucky Extension...Do your homework in advance. You don’t want to show up at the bull sale and that be the first time you see any information on the bulls,” Bullock says." (Source)

Another guy says to write up a job description. Which completely makes sense, but I'm the guy that buys it at the Hy-Vee, or eats it fresh on a farm.

Job goals for a bull start out simple with determining if they’ll be breeding mature cows or replacement heifers. Next, you must decide if replacement females will be kept or if all of the cattle are going to a terminal market." (Source)

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