There's a lot of different opinions of which places have the best whatever the item may be. In this case, we're talking burgers.

It's safe to say that one of the most doted over burger chains in the country is none other than In-N-Out Burger. Although In-N-Out Burger may be wildly popular, they've just been beaten out by a midwest burger chain. Culvers has recently been named America's best burger chain, according to a Restaurant Business report. The report data collected by Technomic Ignite measures the consumer experience by analyzing responses from over 100,000 consumers. You can read more into the methodology of the study here, but in the meantime let's look at the scores.

Culvers, the Wisconsin-based burger chain, scored 56.7 percent overall rising above In-N-Out Burger's 56.3 percent. Culvers also beat out In-N-Out in the categories of Ambiance/Appearance, Food/Beverage, and Takeout/Convenience. The only area In-N-Out Burger really conquered Culvers was in the category of Value.

This was a big win for Culvers. Not only are they America's favorite burger chain, but they were #3 among all quick-service chains! They came in only behind Tropical Smoothie Cafe and the #1 pick Chick-fil-A. Congrats Culvers! Now, let's celebrate with some burgers.

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