Midland take their broken hearts to the stage in "Playboys," a newly released song from their upcoming sophomore album, Let it RollThe track gives honky-tonk heartbreak a play-on-words twist as the lyrics tell the sad tale of a musician who loses a love to life on the road. Press play above to listen.

"She said, 'I guess there ain't no right way / For you to say goodbye again / You been looking at the highway / Where your heart has always been,'" Midland sing in "Playboys." The song opens with that farewell bid to the wandering minstrel before leading into a resigned chorus: "She's already gone away, boys / If we don't go home, what difference does it make, boys? / This ol' world would be a dull place, boys / If it was all work and no play, boys."

Midland -- Jess Carson, Cameron Duddy and Mark Wystrach -- co-wrote "Playboys" with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. The trio says the song -- which was produced by McAnally, Osborne and Dann Huff -- is a nod to their early days on the road.

"Playboys" is available to fans who pre-order Let it Roll ahead of the record's Aug. 23 release. The band has also shared "Put the Hurt on Me" and "Mr. Lonely," the album's first single.

Shortly after announcing plans to release Let it Roll, Midland unveiled the dates for their Fall 2019 Let it Roll Tour. The jaunt will kick off in mid-September in New York City.

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