Consider this yet another warning about what is potentially to come this winter. We've already heard that natural gas prices are up considerably from last winter. Now, MidAmerican Energy is sounding the alarm and trying to prepare customers for higher heating bills. Just how much higher?

KCRG reports that MidAmerican is warning customers that their bills could increase between 46% to 96% this winter heating season. In a press release, the company blamed higher prices for natural gas, saying that the cost has nearly doubled from last winter. MidAmerican says that the cause of those higher prices is limited production and inventory and increased global demand.

MidAmerican officials told KCRG that the dreaded supply chain issues that are plaguing many industries right now are not the reason that bills will be higher. It is simply the fact that natural gas costs more. Officials say that they buy as much product during warmer months when prices are cheaper, and then store it for use during the colder winter months. But despite those efforts, MidAmerican still is warning customers to prepare for higher bills.

So what can customers do? MidAmerican has released some money-saving tips to help make your home more energy-efficient this winter. You can also sign up for budget billing that will help ease the pain of fluctuating heating bills. KCRG also reports that many more people may also look for help from Iowa's Low Income Energy Assistance Program. You can apply for LIEAP here.

Otherwise, all we can do is hope for a mild winter!


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