Mickey Guyton had one heck of a nerve-wracking week, but just by watching her American Music Awards performance, you never would have guessed.

Guyton took the AMAs stage on Sunday night (Nov. 21), to sing her latest single "All American." Playing into the country genre from which she hails, Guyton sat in front of an elaborate stage design reminiscent of a small town watering hole.

As Guyton delivered the universal message of acceptance, she confidently walked back and forth on the stage, letting her powerful vocals do the heavy lifting.

The performance comes on the heels of one heck of a stressful week for the singer. Her 9-month-old son was sent to the ICU following a severe stomach bug that led to dehydration. The scary situation was only made worse by staff shortages and a lack of available hospital beds. Even with these complications, Gutyton still credits his medical team for pushing hard for his recovery. Grayson Clark Savoy is Guyton's only child, born in February of 2021 to her and her husband, Grant.

Off of her debut album, Remember Her Name, "All American" recounts country themes, from "a Friday night football game" to "the dust on a backroad," and the ways they unify people across state lines.

Guyton had previously shared what "All American" means to her, saying: "This song embodies everything that makes America special. From a Texas sky to New York City lights and daisy dukes to dookie braids, despite all our differences, we are all American.”

Guyton's week is only beginning to rev up, the singer is part of the lineup for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, being held on Nov. 25.

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