Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson's new duet "Never Say Never" only works if they work. A song like this turns on its ability to uncork old lust in a listener's heart. If you can put a face on the lyrics, they've done their job.

It will be interesting to hear them explain how the collaboration came to be and how well they knew each other before pressing record in the studio. The chemistry is believable, working toward palpable with repeat listens and a music video that brings them in close. So often a "duet" is little more than one half singing harmonies, but this song from Swindell's next project truly trades speaking parts. In fact, Wilson (known best for "Things a Man Oughta Know") opens the song.

Producer Zach Crowell adds a swirl of emotions with steel guitar, keys and a thundering rhythm section. This contrasts Swindell's previous projects, all helmed by Michael Carter. "Never Say Never" finds the vocalists a bit deeper in the mix, allowing all elements to work together to tell the story, and the result is very effective. It's more progressive for him and slightly less so for her, but that's not a bad thing. A quicker rise to heavy rotation on radio playlists is the likely outcome.

Did You Know?: Swindell wrote "Never Say Never" with Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill.

Cole Swindell, Lainey Wilson's "Never Say Never" Lyrics: 

I told my momma, I told my friends / When it comes to her, when it comes to him / Never again, last time was the last time / That time nearly did us in / Yeah too much drama / Girl, you're a match, you're gasoline / We just burn too fast, so here we are / Lighting up that spark, yeah we tried to run / But we didn't get far.

I never say never with you / I end up together with you / It's hell and it's heaven with you, baby / Anything's possible / The highs are unstoppable / It's so uncontrollable, it's crazy / We say we won't and then we do / You're all I want, I never say never with you.

You got a touch that kills me, makes me feel alive / Couldn't turn me off, yeah even if you tried / So keep turning me on and turn out the lights / Who knows, tonight we might get it right.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

We say we won't / But what's the use / Baby, come on, I never say never with you / Oh no / You're all I want, I never say never with you / No, no, no, no, no.

I told my momma, I told my friends / When it comes to her, when it comes to him / Never again.

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