Michael Ray's new song, "Fan Girl," is all about showing appreciation to his supporters, especially to one fan in particular.

"Fan Girl," off of Ray's upcoming Amosis an ode to the fans that support artists with their high energy and passion.  Ray nails what it means to be a fan singing, "You give me that front row feeling / Screaming with my hands up / Walk in the room and everybody stands up.  The singer continues sharing that there is more to the relationship, "You got my heart singing / You steal my kisses and you steal the show." 

In the accompanying video for the song we see Ray walking backstage to his show at the same time that we see a group of girls getting ready to watch him take the stage. From the clips of Ray performing on stage and the group of girls soaking it in, it is clear they are both having the time of their lives. Ray is feeling the attraction from one girl in particular and hands the girl his guitar from stage. Press play above to see the full video for yourself!

Ray told Rolling Stone that true supporters might recognize the song, "for months, we have been playing these songs on the road and we start most every show with 'Fan Girl,' so it was time to put this song in [the fans'] hands."

Ray's sophomore album will feature 11 tracks, including the chart climbing single "Get to You," which follows the two No. 1 songs, "Kiss You in the Morning" and "Think a Little Less," off of Ray's eponymous debut album. Amos is due out June 1 on Atlantic Records / Warner Music Nashville, it is available for digital pre-order now on Ray's website.

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