Country stars...they're just like us. Michael Ray is one of country's biggest certified stars, but even he has a bit of a slip-up (or in this case zip) mishap every once in a while.

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The 'Whiskey and Rain' singer is fresh off of a slew of success on country radio. After the track saw crazy fan and airplay success, the singer is trying to take that energy out with him on the road.

"You feel like you have something good but it's really up to the fans and radio and how all that connects."

"We felt like we had something special," the singer explained the success of the song. " was something really distinctive and where I'm headed musically."

He's currently out touring with Lee Brice and Jackson Dean on the 'Label Me Proud Tour' and recently made a stop in Iowa for Country Thunder.

The trio actually performed at the Iowa festival on Lee Brice's birthday. Michael Ray ended up leading the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to the singer. You can read more about that here. 

Before either of these stars took to the stage in Forest City earlier this month, Michael Ray had a hilarious mishap during an interview.

The interview had reached the ten-minute mark when the singer reached down to his zipper. Without missing a beat Ray exclaimed,

"My fly has been down this whole time!" the Florida native laughed. "At least it wasn't on stage!"

Both of us cracked up when we realized he had his zipper down for the ENTIRE interview so far. We had reached the ten-minute mark when he started feeling around for his fly.

You can watch the full video down below!


Michael Ray just released the music video for his latest submission to country radio 'Holy Water.' The video was filmed in his hometown and at the church, he grew up going to. His entire family makes cameos throughout the entire video.

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