I've spent a lot of time recently studying a new snow blower. After all, ours is in need of repairs AND is over 20 years old. However, there doesn't seem to be any rush. I'm ok with that, but snow lovers are growing impatient.

Thus far in the fall of 2017, we've seen some flurries, but that's about it. In 2016, our first measurable snow didn't come until December 4. It was widespread with eastern Iowa seeing as much as seven inches in some spots. Marion received six inches that day, Iowa City 4.7, and Cedar Rapids 4.2. So you should just be patient, right? Nope, it might be time for a bit of panic. Especially if you're 100 percent set on a white Christmas.

As I write this, it's 52 degrees in Cedar Rapids. That's 13 degrees above the normal high and not far off our expected high temperatures for each of the next seven days. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that makes snow sticking on eastern Iowa lawns an impossibility. However, there's something else that meteorologists look at that should give snow-lovers hope. A little hope anyway. It's called the "Bering Sea Rule." It shows the week before Christmas could bring snow chances our way.

I have to tell you, I LOVE these temperatures but I'd like to see a white Christmas too. Let's hope the "Bering Sea Rule" comes through for us. In the meantime, I'll hold off on purchasing that new snow blower.

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