Meet Bob Williams of Long Grove, Iowa in Scott County, population 853. Bob has been buying a box of oversized Hershey's candy bars at the Dollar General store in Long Grove each Saturday for 11 years.

Bob then takes those candy bars and gives one to the next person in line, two to the cashier who rings up his purchase, and one to every lucky person he encounters til they're gone. He doesn't just hand them out on Saturday, though. Bob keeps a freezer full at home and each time he leaves the house he grabs some to hand out to those lucky enough to cross his path. He estimates he's handed out about 6,000 candy bars so far.  Bob not only treats humans in Long Grove. He also keeps Milk Bones in his car for those times when he meets dogs in town that also need a smile.

Hershey's via YouTube
Hershey's via YouTube

Williams served in World War II and is a retired Davenport Central high school football coach and teacher who told the Quad City Times, "I learned that any time I give a Hershey bar, it brings a smile to their face. I started out small, eating them myself." Clearly, Bob can make people smile for more reasons than just those candy bars. He'll keep handing out those candy bars and creating smiles and as you'll see in the video below, it just got a lot easier for him.

Bob turned 94 last Sunday, September 16 and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Long Grove, Iowa had a few people stop by just to try and meet him. I know I'd like to and I wouldn't even need a candy bar. Thank you, Bob Williams. The world needs more people like you.

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