We've had a lot happen in the KHAK studio on Furry Fridays. We've had dogs fall asleep. We've had dogs get excited and tinkle in the corner. We even had a puppy drop the smelliest duece you've ever smelt. This week, we got to meet Sydney, the German Shepherd mix who was a real 'gas'!

Sydney was a stray and was found by the folks at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. That is where she is currently staying. She is a little over 1 year old. She was just spayed and is up to date on all her shots. She is a gentle, loving and obedient dog who would make an amazing pet for any family. And on this particular day, she was also gassy. We've never had a dog fart on camera before, but Sydney set the bar pretty high!

If you want to bring this sweetheart home make sure and fill out the forms and visit her at Dogs Forever!

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