Every dog that we meet on 'Furry Fridays' has its own story. Many come from right here in Eastern Iowa. But some are rescued from other states. This week's dog, Nino, has had a rough journey to where he is today. You'd never know it by hanging out with this pit bull. He's happy, full of energy and was well behaved in the KHAK studio. Nino was rescued from a shelter in Missouri. This was a 'kill' shelter that knew that Nino wasn't going to make it. So they contacted Last Hope Animal Shelter in Cedar Rapids. When they found Nino he was severely underweight. His skin was loose on his body. His ears had been cropped poorly. They look like they'd almost been cut off. He needed help. Well, Nino got it. But then when his recovery from those ailments was complete, he tore his ACL. That too has been fixed and is all healed. Nothing can stop Nino. He's been through it all already!

If you'd like more information on how to adopt Nino, you can contact Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids.

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