There is no doubt that McDonald's changed the fast food industry forever. Few, if any, restaurants have more locations, and let's not even get into the number of burgers they've sold since 1955. But they also ushered in an era of consumers producing more waste than ever. In an effort to combat this fact, McDonald's is considering getting rid of an item they've had since the days of Ray Kroc.

Restaurant Business reports that the fast food giant is attempting to nearly eliminate the use of small plastics at its restaurants, and that means getting rid of straws. Yes, certain markets in the U.S. are already testing a new cup lid that no longer requires the use of a straw.

In a statement to Restaurant Business McDonald's stated that the strawless lids are being tested in certain markets in the U.S. They also stated,

These lids help optimize our packaging and eliminate the use of small plastics, just one example of the many solutions we’re reviewing as part of our ongoing global commitment to reduce waste across restaurants and advance recycling.

Minneapolis is reportedly one of the markets where the new lids are being tested. Restaurant Business reports that some stores now require customers to ask for a straw with their drink. The new lids feature a pullback tab that stays closed during transport. When the tab is pulled it opens up into a half-moon shape for easy drinking. Not only will getting rid of straws eliminate small plastics into the environment but it will also lower paper costs for franchises.

The strawless lids in the U.S. come on the heels of a disastrous rollout of paper straws to markets in the U.K. back in 2018. The straws didn't work and it was discovered that they weren't even recyclable.

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