It's not that far of a drive...

If you're headed up to Wisconsin for whatever reason, you may want to make a quick stop at a McDonald's. Stores in the Milwaukee area have just begun selling deep-fried cheese curds for a limited time. The chain seems to be doing a local food promotions, with Wisconsin being their latest project. The select stores are selling deep-fried cheese curds for $3, and they come in a Green Bay Packers box. And you can pair your cheese curds with a Johnsonville Brat, because why not?

Honestly, I think people in Wisconsin are used to higher quality cheese curds, so this promotion would be better for states who don't get to enjoy them as often, like, oh I don't know, Iowa? I would totally be down with some deep-fried cheese curds!

What do you think about McDonald's cheese curds? Would you try them?

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