As many of you probably know, I gave up donuts for Lent this year. Other than the one slip up during my kids spring break (and do mini donuts count?) I've been able to steer clear of my guilty pleasure. As we close in on the end of Lent, I've been craving donuts more than ever. As a matter of fact, I've been seeing donuts everywhere! This week I swore that someone came out with donut themed running shoes! Wait...that's for real?

Yes, it is. The running shoe company Saucony has created donut themed running shoes. And Dunkin' Donut themed no less! Each pair is decorated with sprinkles, yes, sprinkles, and other Dunkin' related themes. They even come in a Dunkin' Donut styled shoe box!

Are donut shoes enough for me to start running? Probably not. But this sure isn't helping my donut craving. Is it Sunday yet???


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