The Marion Independent School District and another Starry Elementary teacher are named in a new lawsuit alleging the same student volunteer who sexually abused students in a classroom, did the same thing in a different class a year earlier.

The Marion ISD and teacher Sara Sievers are named in the lawsuit which was filed in August of last year. The lawsuit doesn't name the volunteer but does reference Logan McMurrin's conviction of sexually abusing three students in 2016.

The lawsuit claims that McMurrin worked in Sievers classroom in 2015 and repeatedly molested a student. Then, in 2016, McMurrin was still allowed to volunteer in Diane Graham's classroom where he abused at least four students. Graham was found not guilty last week of failing to report sexual abuse as a mandatory reporter.

Sievers testified at Graham's trial that she found McMurrin to be immature and saw him lift several students up on to his lap. Sievers stated that she reported her concerns to school officials and he was removed from her classroom.


[via KCRG]

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