You wouldn't think that during a worldwide pandemic that some residents would find it a good time to try and hold a garage sale. But apparently that is what some residents in Marion thought would be a good use of time during their social distancing.

KCRG TV reports that Marion Mayor Nic AbouAssaly issued an order late last week that prohibited garage and yard sales during the coronavirus pandemic. He said that they got several reports of people holding sales in the past several weeks. He said that he understands that people are home and are trying to make ends meet, but it's important that they follow the social distancing precautions.

The major said that this is a time where things that can wait until later, should wait until later. He said that there is no need to create unnecessary traffic through neighborhoods and for people to congregate in large numbers.

Despite the occasional complaint, Mayor AbouAssaly said that most people are following the rules of medical experts and local government.


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