If you're doing illegal narcotics, chances are you want to avoid police involvement. But what if your drugs are 'bad'? A Florida man was arrested recently after to complaining to police about the quality of his drugs. Yes, he went to police and admitted buying meth. The guy deserved to get locked up!

49-year-old Douglas Peter Kelly called the sheriff's office and explained that he had purchased some meth about a week ago. Kelly apparently had a bad reaction to the drug and asked officers if they could test the drug's quality. The officer said sure. So Kelly drove to the police station, turned over the meth for testing, and was promptly arrested. The poor dope never saw it coming.

Will more law enforcement agencies offer this drug testing service? Police right here in Marion, Iowa say they're on board!

In the battle against drugs, law enforcement is looking for any advantage they can get. Even if that is criminals bringing the drugs to them.


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