Some small business owners in Marion are feeling lost after plans that began two years ago to redevelop Marion Square Plaza into a library fell through.

One business in the Plaza was Village Needlework, who despite their best-laid plans, couldn't find a new home, and are now in the midst of a total going-out-of-business sale that might not have had to happen.

Urban Pie is across the street, and their staff tells CBS2 they get inquires daily from customers about what's happening with the proposed redevelopment. No one knows much, and city manager Lon Pluckhahn and Library directory Holly Trenary simply say it turned out to be an unfeasible project with bad timing.

For their part, the library has found a new future home on another lot near the Plaza, and Genesis Properties, who was in charge of the redevelopment, say they still plan to do something there that will involve substantial re-investment in the city.

It's too bad a small but beloved community business like Village Needlework might not be there to help them stitch together a new plan.

[Via CBS2]

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