When rock stars come to town for a show, they get the rock star treatment. Tenacious D, the rock band made up of actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass, played the McGrath Amphitheater in Cedar Rapids last night. I don't have access to their tour rider, but apparently, the two are big cheesecake fans and demanded some of the best in the area. A Marion business was more than happy to help out!

I first wrote about Nicki Guild in February of this year. She started her own cheesecake business right in her kitchen in Marion. And it all started with a dream, literally! Nicki said that one night she dreamt of making cheesecakes. That dream turned into a reality and the business called Sweet Cheesecake. She currently fills orders from their website and the Sweet Cheesecake Facebook page. But she and her husband also purchased a free-standing store location at 1360 7th Avenue in Marion. Renovations on that building are ongoing. I was stunned and excited when Nicki posted this update last night!

I reached out to Nicki last night and asked how her business got hooked up with the stars of Tenacious D. She stated that her sister does all of her marketing and that the manager for Tenacious D reached out to her about getting a couple of cheesecakes for the guys. Judging from pictures that she shared, it appears that Jack Black and Kyle Gass enjoyed a homemade apple crisp cheesecake and a traditional cherry cheesecake. Both are fine choices! Check out Sweet Cheesecake for yourself...and you'll be eating like a rock star!

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