In a completely bizarre situation, a man in Taiwan married the same woman four times and divorced her thrice in a span of 37 days, just to get the paid leave.

The unnamed man requested for leave for his wedding and honeymoon, which he was given 8 days of paid time off for by the bank he's employed by.

His first wedding was April 6th last year, and as soon as his marriage leave came to a close, he and his wife sadly were divorced, but immediately reconciled and remarried the next day. The guy told his boss he was taking another 8 days off, because he was legally entitled to it as a newly-newlywed.

Once he realized this would work, he rinsed and repeated to get the same 8 days off, for a total of 32 days.

However, things didn't go as planned. The bank figured out what he was doing, and refused to grant him extra paid leave. The bank granted him paid leave for the first 8 days, for the first marriage.

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Even after being refused the extra time, he still went through with the plan of the multiple marriages and divorces. He then filed a complaint against his employer with the labor bureau and accused the bank of breaking the law by not following "Article 2 of the Labour Leave Rules."

According to the law, employees are entitled to eight days of paid leave when they get married. Since the clerk got married four times, he should have technically been paid for 32 days of leave.

The Taipei City Labour Bureau investigated the matter and ruled that the employer violated the Labour Law. The bank was fined NT$20,000 in October 2020.

The bank, in its appeal, claimed that its employee’s "malicious abuse of marriage leave was not a legitimate cause of leave under the Labour Leave Rules", New Talk Taiwan reported.

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