Have you ever had a really bad day turn completely around by receiving really good news? It happened just the other day to Anthony Dowe of Leland, NC.

According to the Associated Press, Anthony was driving to work when he had an accident. His new car was smashed up by deer. Not just one deer, but two deer struck his car, which would pretty much ruin anyone’s day.

He went home and went to bed. Can you blame him? What terrible luck, hitting TWO deer in his new car.

But then he woke up and checked his lottery tickets. That’s when the bad day went to a good day, zero to sixty in just the time it took to confirm that he was a $2 million lottery winner.

He claimed his prize on Monday and told the AP he plans to use some of the money to help his family with some household repairs and will put the rest in savings. It was reported that Anthony took home about $1.4 million after taxes.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to lottery tickets. The first school says buying tickets is not worth the money. The odds of winning are so astronomically high that it is a foolish bet; some even call it the “ignorance tax“

The other school of thought is also quite simple: you can’t win if you don’t play. Of course, the opposite is true too, you never lose a penny if you don’t play.

So if hearing about an occasional "man hits deer, then hits lottery" story is enough satisfaction for you, that's great but if you need a little more thrill in your life, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in a lottery ticket or two. The problem arises when people look at the purchase of lottery tickets as part of their retirement plan. As we all know it rarely works out that way.

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