Officers from the Iowa City Police Department arrested a man overnight for hate crime assault after authorities say a black woman was attacked with a knife.

According to a media release from the Iowa City Police Department, at around 3 a.m. Thursday morning, police were called to a building at 820 Cross Park Avenue in Iowa City. It is the location of Cross Park Place. The caller stated that a man who lived there wouldn't leave the lobby and was "verbally abusive and racist."

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When officers arrived, they found 68-year-old Ronal Rarey had a knife and was attacking a female employee, who is black. Rarey was taken into custody and a police investigation determined that he had "directed racial slurs at the female victim." According to Iowa's News Now, a criminal complaint states Rarey called the woman a "black (expletive)" repeatedly. The complaint also shows the woman feared for her life and that the knife involved was 7-inches long.

Johnson County Jail
Johnson County Jail

Both Rarey, and the unnamed female victim, were treated for superficial injuries at the scene by personnel from the Johnson County Ambulance Service. Rarey was then taken to the Johnson County Jail where he faces a variety of charges. They are:

  • Assault with a Weapon, Violate of Individual Rights, a Class D Felony
  • Interference with Official Acts, a Simple Misdemeanor
  • Possession or Carry Weapons While Intoxicated, a Serious Misdemeanor
  • Concealed Knife Used in a Crime, an Aggravated Misdemeanor

Bond has not been set.

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