It's now been more than five years since Cedar Rapids citizens approved a one-percent sales tax that raises about $18 million each year for construction, reconstruction, repair, and maintenance of Cedar Rapids streets. Known as 'Paving for Progress,' there's much work to be done again this year!

2019 is going to be a very busy construction season with 50 different projects hopefully being completed. More than 80 percent of the work will be done on neighboorhood streets, the highest percentage in the history of Paving for Progress. Work will start in some locations Monday, March 18. Here's where you'll see the cones first and all the projects the city will be working on this year.

  • March 18: Johnson Ave. NW, E Ave. NW, and 12th Ave. SE.
  • Before the end of March: Center Point Road N.E., Ellis Blvd. NW, and the H Ave.-16th St. NE project.

Here's the complete list of streets scheduled to see work in 2019. Note: An asterisk indicates the project started in 2018.

  1. *3rd Avenue Bridge over the Cedar River (this project also begins March 18 with the bridge closed to westbound traffic 'til approximately May during work on bridge joints and a new deck overlay. Beginning sometime in May, construction will switch sides, closing the bridge to eastbound traffic.)
  2. 11th Street SW from 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue
  3. 12th Avenue SE from 17th Street to McCarthy Road
  4. 19th Avenue SW from 11th Street to 9th Street
  5. 19th Street NE from C Avenue to E Avenue
  6. 1st Avenue West from Leroy Street to Johnson Avenue
  7. 1st Avenue West from Stoney Point Road to Broadmore Road
  8. 20th Street SE from Bever Avenue to Washington Avenue
  9. 22nd Street NE from D Avenue to 1st Avenue
  10. 23rd Street NE from D Avenue to A Avenue
  11. 23rd Street SE from Meadowbrook Drive to 5th Avenue
  12. 28th Avenue SW from 27th Street to 31st Street
  13. 29th Street Drive SE (erosion control)
  14. 35th Street SE from Mt Vernon Road to Dalewood Avenue
  15. 3rd Avenue SE from 1st Street to 19th Street
  16. 42nd Street NE from F Avenue to C Avenue
  17. 7th Avenue SW from 6th Street to 8th Street
  18. 8th Avenue SW from 18th Street to 15th Street
  19. 8th Street SW from 5th Avenue to 7th Avenue
  20. *Arizona Avenue NE from Center Point Road to Lawrence Street
  21. Auburn Drive SW from 12th Avenue to 1st Avenue
  22. Broadlawn Drive SE from Green Valley Terrace to Dead End
  23. Center Point Road NE from 29th Street to 32nd Street
  24. Cherry Hill Road SW from Johnson Avenue to 1st Avenue
  25. Council Street NE from south of 46th Street to Collins Road
  26. Crestridge Avenue SW from Broadmore Road to 1st Avenue
  27. Dairydale Court SE from 32nd Street to Knoll Street\
  28. Dalewood Avenue SE from 34th Street to 35th Street
  29. E Avenue NE from Old Marion Road north to Dead End
  30. East Post Road SE from south of Fox Meadow Drive to south of Cottage Grove Avenue
  31. Ellis Boulevard NW from I Avenue to O Avenue
  32. Forest Drive SE from Grande Avenue to Mt Vernon Road
  33. H Avenue NW from 10th Street to Ellis Road
  34. *H Avenue NE from 14th Street to 16th Street; 16th Street NE from H Avenue to D Avenue
  35. *Johnson Avenue NW from 1st Avenue to Wesley Drive
  36. Matthew Drive SW from 29th Street to 25th Street
  37. Meadowlark Lane NW from 1st Avenue to Skyline Drive
  38. *Memorial Drive SE from McCarthy Road to Mt Vernon Road
  39. *Memorial Drive SE from Mt Vernon Road to Bever Avenue
  40. *Midway Drive NW from West Post Road to Zelda Drive and from Alma Drive to Wiley Boulevard
  41. Mt Vernon Road SE from 38th Street to East Post Road
  42. Outlook Drive SW from 29th Avenue to Clover Drive
  43. Park Avenue SE from 19th Street to 21st Street
  44. Ravenwood Terrace NW from Edgewood Road to 29th Street
  45. Silverthorne Road NE from Coppermill Road to Dead End
  46. Stoney Point Road NW from E Avenue to Cherry Hill Park
  47. Teakwood Lane NE from C Avenue to Purple Drive
  48. Washington Avenue SE from 19th Street to 20th Street
  49. Willow Street SW from 29th Street to 25th Street
  50. Zelda Drive NW from Midway Drive to 400 Zelda Drive

To see specifics on all the 2019 Paving for Progress construction projects, click HERE.

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