The wait is finally over! Iowa's American Idol champion Maddie Poppe teased big news on her Instagram account this week, and yesterday we found out that the video for her debut single 'Going, Going, Gone' was coming out on Thursday! Wait no longer Maddie fans!

If you follow Maddie on social media, and at this point who doesn't, she shared plenty of behind the scenes footage from the video shoot that happened in late May. Needless to say, the finished product looks great! Other than the blatant product placement for Jeep, the video follows Maddie on a scenic journey through some amazing scenery. When her car breaks down she calls up some friends who take her to her own concert! Pretty standard music video fare.

As I sat and watched it, I just couldn't help but be amazed that this small town Iowa girl has hit the big time. She is making the whole state proud, and has countless girls, including my daughters, watching her every move. Thank you, Maddie!

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