During Monday night's 'American Idol' finale, Maddie Poppe became the 16th winner of the long-running competition and the first on ABC-TV. However, Maddie actually knew she was going to be announced as the winner before Ryan Seacrest told the world... and she wasn't the only one. Caleb Hutchinson knew too.

First, the hint. Watch Caleb's right eye at the beginning of this video. He winks at Maddie.

Maddie's not only a great singer, she's also one heck of an actress. And that Caleb can act, too! They both knew Maddie had won because they had seen the card in Ryan Seacrest's hands that divulged the winner. Maddie told Kelly Ripa and Ryan on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" she just couldn't keep herself from looking. She said when Caleb winked at her she knew he had peeked, too. Hey, wouldn't you have looked?! You can watch Ryan's hilarious reaction to Maddie breaking the news to him below.

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