American Idol has officially wrapped up its Season 20 auditions, but not without a few necessary hijinks. The latest episode of the show, which aired on Monday night (March 21), saw judge Luke Bryan becoming the butt of a hilarious prank, and it was all courtesy of his wife, Caroline Boyer Bryan.

The laughing matter wasn’t all too surprising, given that the husband and wife team have a long history of pulling pranks on each other. Folks may recall in April of 2020, Bryan scared his wife when he startled her with a blowhorn — which sounded like a train — while she was riding on her bicycle outside.

She has gotten him back a few times — this one in particular nearly scared the pants off of her hubby — but none quite as epically as on national television.

Wrangling together some Idol crew members to play along with her light-hearted revenge scheme, Caroline disguised herself as a "masked stagehand" and appeared in all black.

First, she crashed the two-hour telecast by vigorously dusting off the keys to the grand piano. The moment paused the production of the show and earned her a few reactions from the people in the room, including from her country star husband.

“Aggressive on the piano,” Bryan said, turning to his fellow judges, who were also raising their eyebrows at Caroline’s behavior.

The panel of judges moved on, welcoming in their next contestant (who was in on the joke), but it didn't take long for Caroline to cause another scene. As the contestant introduced herself, Caroline’s phone went off, disrupting the audition process. That’s not all, though — while the hopeful sang the lyrics to “My Church” by Maren Morris, a disguised Caroline broke open a bag of chips.

“Who is rattling the damn thing?” Bryan asked, aggravated at the person causing a commotion in the room.

Fully aware that Caroline was in the costume, Perry got up from her seat to add to the laughter. “That is enough!” the pop star told Caroline, prying the chip bag out of her hands.

Startling Bryan even more, Caroline proceeded to make her way back onto the set to snatch the bag of chips yet again.

“Hey!” Bryan yelled out in a panic as Perry called for security.

That’s when Perry approached Caroline again, this time to remove her hat and reveal who she was.

“Oh my God!” Bryan said, breaking into a fit of laughter.

Clearly, Caroline pulled off her prank without any hiccups. Perhaps it won’t be long before Bryan returns the favor!

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