Who's behind some of the most epic Halloween costumes Luke Bryan has ever worn? His better half, of course! The country star says that his wife Caroline picks his Halloween costume every year -- it's just his job to put it on!

In 2016, Bryan stopped by Taste of Country Nights and admitted that he can't take any credit for some of the best costumes he's gotten to wear on Oct. 31.

"Caroline always picks my Halloween costume, and I have no choice," Bryan says. "So the morning of Halloween I will see what she is going to put me in and I’ll have to own it … It’s been the case for quite a while — for probably the last six years."

What's been some of his favorites over the past few years? Bryan mentions a chicken costume and an old lady as a few of the most memorable ... although he does admit that "I looked like Madea" as the latter.

Whatever Caroline choses, the "One Margarita" singer says that he always has a great time celebrating with his family.

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