Earlier this month, Lucky Charms made the official announcement that one of their marshmallows would be retiring. We've lost the pot of gold, the shooting star, and now the hourglass. But, as we say goodbye to the hourglass, we also get to say hello to a brand new (and better) shape! What exactly is that shape? See for yourself!

That's right! Lucky Charms has introduced a new unicorn marshmallow, and it was actually chosen by the people who love Lucky Charms the most: kids. Fox News reports that the press release reads:

"...after 10 years, we decided to introduce a new charm with the help of the keepers of magic themselves – kids. They spoke, and after hearing their love for the magical unicorn, we listened."

The unicorns are the first permanent addition to the marshmallow lineup in 10 years.

Lucky Charms were one of my absolute favorite cereals when I was a kid. Well, the marshmallow part was, anyway. What was your favorite cereal when you were a child? Share yours in the comments!

[Via Fox News]

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