A viral Facebook post from a local woman has succeeded in locating the owner of a lost stuffed animal.

Last Saturday, a Marion woman by the name of Katie Hoeppner came across a stuffed animal that was left at the I-80 rest stop near Williamsburg. There were no attendants there that she could give it to, and she didn't want to leave it, so she grabbed it and posted some photos to Facebook in hopes that the owner could be located. Well, after over 53,000 shares, we are happy to report that "George" has found his family!

According to her Facebook post, Katie said the owners came forward and were able to identify a "very particular" marking on the stuffed animal. Although she didn't share any information about the owners, she said that George will be on his way home soon.

It's a happy ending for a light-hearted and fun story from right here in the local area!

[Via KCRG]

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