A store that's been open at their location on Highway 1 in Iowa City for 37 years, is closing their doors this summer. The website for Paul's Discount calls them "Iowa's largest home-owned discount store." The news is sending shockwaves through eastern Iowa because the store seems to have everything.

Paul's Discount is one of those stores you love to stop in just to look around. You don't necessarily need something specific when you walk into Paul's. However, you ALWAYS walk out with something. Paul's was one of the first stores that seemed to have everything you could ever need. As a matter of fact, as their website says, "If you can't find it at Paul's, then you don't need it."

According to Little Village Mag, the store was originally known as Ken's Auto and Farm Store, after opening in 1963. The original location was across the street from where Paul's Discount is now. It moved to its current spot (424 Highway 1 West) in 1975 and became Paul's Discount six years later.
Store Closing black on yellow letters on a white cladded industrial building, Melbourne 2016

A liquidation sale is expected to begin soon with the store closing for good around the 4th of July. Iowa City realtor Ryan O'Leary says the 36,000 square foot building will eventually become home to between six and eight different businesses.

At this time, the Clinton store isn't expected to be affected by the closing of the Iowa City location.

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