Law enforcement agencies are trying to clear up any confusion on the legality of over the counter CBD products in Iowa. The Iowa Attorney General released a statement on Monday saying that no matter what the THC level in the product if a CBD or THC infused product is sold over the counter it is illegal.

But that's where things get foggy. The Attorney General also stated that the enforcement of such laws is up to local law enforcement. The Cedar Rapids Police Department says that pursuing such charges is up to the County Attorney's Office. Officer Greg Buelow with CRPD says that police officials and the County Attorney's Office will be discussing the matter further.

Jerry Vander Sanden, Linn County Attorney, says that prosecuting sales of over the counter CBD products is not a high priority in his office. He added that the prosecution of CBD products would be handled on a case by case basis. Vander Sanden stated that there is scientific evidence that many CBD products have medicinal value. Prosecution of those selling these products is not a high priority for his office.

Not confusing at all, is it? Linn County residents who are using CBD infused products appear safe from prosecution, but is it that way in other counties? It's another situation that underscores how behind the times Iowa is when it comes to the world of medicinal marijuana.


[via CBS2]

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