At least one official in one Eastern Iowa county is calling out the state's lack of coordination and administration fumbles of their pandemic response called Test Iowa.

Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson had harsh words, calling the Test Iowa site a "stunt".

Thompson told KCRG-TV9 that he is "done" with Test Iowa, which he described as an "enormous failure".

"The realities of Test Iowa appears to be a $26 million publicity stunt for the Governor and nothing more”

The Sheriff is one of the leaders of Black Hawk County's emergency response team dealing with the coronavius test site.

Local officials say slow results and a lack of coordination from the Governor's Office were two of their bigger concerns.

According to KCRG, the Governor's Office had planned to close the Test Iowa site in Waterloo and move it to Marshall County, but then changed its decision and will keep the site open through May 28th.

Linn County Health Officials have also been vocal about concerns they've had with Test Iowa's effectiveness.

Tricia Kitzmann serves as the Community Health Manager with Linn County Public Health. KCRG says Kitzman sent an email Tuesday morning to the Governor's staff.

According to KCRG, the letter spoke of being frustrated by delayed and inconclusive test results. It also was critical about the lack of information coming from the Governor's Office.

Linn County said only 823 tests had been performed at the Cedar Rapids Test Iowa site since it opened May 7th.

Perhaps critiques will help draw attention to correct the problems. On Friday, the Governor said she plans to expand the Test Iowa system to allow anyone who wanted a test to get one, starting now.

Source: KCRG

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