A local activist group is offering voters a no-cost transportation option to polling stations in order to serve the community and help get the vote out.

Advocates for Social Justice is helping to provide free rides to and from the polls for those in the Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. They have designated several pickup and drop-off destinations within one mile of the following locations:

  • 823 3rd St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, US.
  • 4444 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, USA.
  • 1211 Wiley Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, USA.
  • 1700 B Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, USA.
  • 600 1st St, Mt Vernon, IA 52314, USA

Voters who want to take advantage of the free ride program will need to download the Uber mobile app and follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow this link to download the voucher to your Uber app. The voucher will work now through 10:00 p.m. on 11/4/2020.
  1. When you are ready to go to the polls, set up your Uber ride like normal. The only difference is that you will have to choose one of the five early polling locations listed above as your destination. Uber will not permit you to travel anywhere else with your voucher. It is only to be used to help get you to the polling location near you.
  1. When it is time to pay, you can then use your coupon for the free ride.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging across the state, it makes sense to take advantage of early voting to avoid crowds on Election Day.

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