Halloween is over, and in many people's minds, there is only one holiday left. Christmas. Let's just skip right over Thanksgiving and ring in the holidays. I'm a staunch supporter of the Thanksgiving holiday. I believe in putting up your Christmas lights but not turning them on until the day AFTER Thanksgiving! But what about Christmas music?

Some people want it right now. And to you, I say, "too soon". But don't take my word for it. New research shows that listening to Christmas music too soon won't help you get into the holiday spirit sooner. It could actually drive you insane. Why is Christmas music bad for your mental health? Because it serves as a stressful reminder of all the things you have to do. Buy gifts, organize parties, send out cards, clean, cook, prepare for awkward conversations with family. The list is endless.

The study says that people who work retail have it the worst. They can't make a choice to turn off the music. They're stuck with 'Holly Jolly Christmas' for two solid months. Oh, the humanity. So be kind and phase in your Christmas music this year. Your brain will thank you.


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