A Facebook message from a listener has inspired a very active conversation about concert etiquette.

If you've ever been to the Great Jones County Fair, then you know that there are several different options when it comes to seating. You can buy tickets for the track or the grandstands, or you can take your chances on the hillside. Those different options have sparked a conversation about whether or not you should be allowed to stand during a concert.

Earlier this morning, I received this message on Facebook:

"My first concert was at Jones county fair and it was the year that Thomas Rhett opened for Toby Kieth. Every year since then we have gone up to Jones county for the concerts and we always sit on the free hillside. Now I'm from riverside so the years that we don't stay up around that area we will wake up at 3 am and drive up to the fair grounds wait in line for a few hours and put down our tarps, then turn around and go home just to come back up later. We enjoys going and sitting on the hillsides and would like to continue doing it but the last couple of years haven't been much fun for us. I stand up at every concert I go to because I feel like it shows more respect for the artist and I would rather watch the stage instead of staring at the big screen. The past few years we have had things thrown at us like ice and cups because we refuse to sit down. We have also had security threaten to throw us out because we won't sit down. I just want to hear people's opinion on standing up at concerts. Is it really something people should be thrown out of a concert for? I just know that if I was a performer on that stage I would much rather see people standing, dancing and having a good time instead of people sitting."

As it turns out, there are many opinions about standing vs. sitting at concerts. Here are a few of the comments we received on Facebook:

You can read more comments HERE.

What do you think about the issue? Share your comments with us below!

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