In recent years, more and more stores have been staying closed on Thanksgiving, allowing their employees to spend the day with their families. In 2020, expect more than ever before. Five national retailers have all announced in the last week that they won't be opening on Thursday, November 26.

The first national retail chain to announce they wouldn't be open on Thanksgiving this year was Walmart. The announcement came on Tuesday, July 21 when they also revealed all Sam's Club locations would be closed on Thanksgiving as well. It's the first time in three decades Walmart will stay closed on the Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, July 27, Target said they would stay closed and announced holiday savings would actually begin in October this year.

Also on Monday, Dick's Sporting Goods announced all of their locations will stay closed on Thanksgiving day. According to a press release, stores had been open with "limited evening hours on Thanksgiving" in past years.

Tuesday, Best Buy corporate revealed they would be closed on Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, Kohl's announced they would close for the holiday. The corporate release stated, "Given the importance of safety and convenience, we expect more customers to shop earlier, search for great deals throughout the season, and take advantage of our online and omnichannel conveniences."

Last fall, when I put together what seemed like a pretty lengthy list of businesses that were going to be closed on Thanksgiving day in 2019, most major retailers weren't on it. This year, it will clearly be much different especially when you consider Thanksgiving is still nearly four months away.

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