Where are you? That's the question that continues to go unanswered for the family of Christopher D. Bagley of Walker. The 31-year-old Linn County man hasn't been seen since the early morning hours of Friday, December 14.

According to the Linn County Sheriff's Office (LCSO), Bagley left his Walker home late in the evening on December 13. KCRG reports that Chris exited his property with someone his wife, Courtney, "didn't really know." She expected him back soon after, with Chris not even taking his wallet along. He hasn't been heard from since.

The LCSO says the last sighting of Bagley was somewhere in the Cedar Rapids metro in the early morning hours of December 14. CBS 2 says Bagley's father told them that was at the BP location at County Home Road and I-380.

Bagley's family has raised $25,000 for his safe return. Stewart Bagley, Chris' father, says

This is cash. There's no loopholes. No nothing. You bring him to my house-- you tell me where I can go pick him up, you message me when I have him-- I'll give you the cash.

Chris Bagley is 5-feet 11-inches tall and weighs about 185 pounds, with brown hair. He has two children... 4-year-old Sophia, who celebrated her birthday last week, and 8-year-old Mason.

Anyone with information about Chris' whereabouts should call the Linn County Sheriff’s Office at 319-892-6100 or email LCSO.Criminal@linncounty.org.

Please share this information with everyone you know and let's get Chris back with his family.

Linn County Sheriff's Office
Linn County Sheriff's Office

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