An eight-year-old boy remains hospitalized after being attacked by two dogs last weekend, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette. 

According to Linn County Sheriff's officials, the child was attacked last Friday afternoon in Springville by a 'mastiff-pit bull mix' and another 'pit bull 'mix. The Gazette reports that the child was initially treated at St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids but was eventually transferred to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City.

Maj. Chad Colston with the Linn County Sheriff's office told the Gazette that "the child was bitten in the head, face, arms, and legs. Some pretty gruesome injuries." Colston stated that it was apparent from looking at the boy's injuries that both dogs took part in the attack. The boy and a friend were playing video games in a room alone, and it is unclear at this point why the dogs attacked.

The Gazette reports that as of early this week, the boy remained hospitalized with severe bite wounds but was improving. As for the dogs, both have been placed in quarantine, one at a vet clinic and the other at the Cedar Valley Humane Society. The owners of the dogs were served with a vicious animal notice on Monday. They have two days to appeal the notice. If they choose not to, the dogs will be euthanized.

Maj. Colston told the Gazette, "The big unknown is what's hard to say and it was a surprise to the owners. We're thinking this is an unfortunate accident."

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