A day that raises a LOT of money for our local children's hospital is here again. Thursday is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen. What exactly does that mean? Each ice cream blizzard that's purchased at participating Dairy Queen locations Thursday results in AT LEAST one dollar being donated to our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital... the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City.

The Dairy Queen website shows there are 18 Dairy Queens participating in the Cedar Rapids metro, along with the Iowa City metro, Solon, Mount Vernon, Tipton, and Fairfax.

So how much money can Dairy Queen raise for the kids in one day? 90 different Dairy Queen locations from as far north as Minnesota to as far south as Missouri will be donating money to the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital this year. Last year, the participating DQ's in eastern Iowa collected $90,000 for the Iowa City hospital. Nationwide, DQ has raised more than $15 million in just the last three years of what is now a 33-year partnership that's, in total, donated more than $125 million. That's impact.

The Blizzard Treat of the Day Thursday is Oreo and the Blizzard of the Month is Frosted Fudge Brownie. Isn't it amazing how just reading those words make your mouth water. That's the power of ice cream, my friend. And the pictures...

Miracle Treat Day... go ahead and let the kids have dessert first on Thursday. They'll love you for it and hospitalized kids all around the country will too. That makes it even better.

*Reminder: KHAK's 21st annual Radiothon for Children Miracle Network and the UI Stead Family Children's Hospital will be August 17 and 18, with Brain and Courtlin hosting from inside the new hospital. Those are two more days we can all make an impact and we'll hope you'll join us to do just that.

By the way, some 500 blizzards are being delivered to patients and their families at the U of I Children's Hospital this afternoon. Love the fact that A)They're getting a special treat, too and B)They get it before anyone else.

[via Dairy Queen and Children's Miracle Network]

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