Five of Nashville's most promising female artists paid tribute to another of country's most talented young women at a #LetTheGirlsPlay show on a recent Monday night in Nashville, offering fans a cover of Lauren Alaina's current hit, "Road Less Traveled."

Seven women actually took the stage at the weekly Song Suffragettes gig at the Listening Room in downtown Nashville on March 6, with Maybe April rounding out the rotating roster as a trio. Krysta Nick, Jordyn Mallory, Lena Stone and Catherine McGrath were also on hand to close the weekly show with an acoustic rendition of Alaina's song, which is the title song of her recently-released sophomore album and has become the biggest hit of her career.

Stone kicks off the song at center stage, and holds it down on acoustic guitar, taking the first few lines of the first verse in her clear, strong voice before passing off to McGrath, then joining to harmonize with her before they bring the song to the first chorus.

Mallory belts the first chorus, and Nick brings her own understated phrasing to the second verse, followed by Maybe April, who offer their lines in harmony and support the entire performance on mandolin, taking the second chorus as a group. The singers all trade lead lines and harmonies throughout the rest of the performance, which demonstrates that Alaina's breakthrough song is strong enough to stand on only its essential elements in a stripped-down performance.

The #LetTheGirlsPlay movement launched a few years ago in response to the extraordinary challenges women were facing in Nashville, and the shows serve as part support group, part showcase for the most up-and-coming female talent in Music City. Stone has just released a new single, "Nervous," and LTGP mainstay Kalie Shorr has just been named one of Taste of Country's RISERS for 2017. We've been rolling out all kinds of exclusive content on the young rising star, and we also feature a spotlight artist once a month on Taste of Country, as well as weekly covers from the group performances.

Kim Paige is the featured artist for March.

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