Kirk Ferentz is a nice guy. No one will ever dispute that... well, ok, maybe three different neighbors will. They're taking the head Hawk and his wife, Mary, to court for breach of contract and trespassing.

The Ferentz family lives on a private road in Iowa City called Saddle Club Road. Three of their neighbors say they planted trees and put landscaping items that reached areas they shouldn't have. They also claim the Ferentz' breached a 17-year-old agreement, one that Kirk and Mary don't believe they were ever a part of.

What exactly is going on? Neighbors are undoubtedly not thrilled with a judge's ruling at the beginning of last football season that spared Kirk and Mary from paying $9,400 for road repairs. Three years ago, a neighborhood homeowners association was formed to share the costs of fixing a pothole-filled road. The ruling by the judge in September of 2017 spared the Ferentz' from joining the association and the $9,400 bill that went along with 2015 repairs.

The disagreement goes all the way back to when the Ferentz family first moved onto Sandy Club Road nearly two decades ago. It should be noted the Ferentz' say they didn't want the road paved in the first place. That happened in 2003.

The neighbors believe the Ferentz' are obsessed with their privacy (I personally can TOTALLY understand that, considering Kirk's profession), and that they're hard to deal with, and can be penny pinchers. Certainly not when it comes to the Children's Hospital, but I digress.

The Iowa Supreme Court declined to hear the case, hence the February 6 trial date. Lawyers for neither the neighbors or the Ferentz' have commented publicly.

This case could be more fun to watch than the Hawkeye offense a few times this year. Stay tuned.

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