There have been many King Kong movies — and there are at least one or two more currently in development. But there has never been a live-action Kong television show. And that is what Disney is currently attempting to make.

Dubbed a series about “the original story of the famous ape,” this new Kong comes from James Wan’s Atomic Monster production company and is intended to premiere on Disney+ in the future.

More on the project, via Deadline:

Written by Paper Girls creator Stephany Folsom, King Kong is a serialized action-adventure drama that brings the classic monster story into the modern age, with a return to Skull Island and the dawn of a new Kong. The series will explore the mythology of King Kong’s origin story and the supernatural mysteries of his home based on IP from Merian C. Cooper’s original books and the new King Kong novelizations by Joe DeVito.

One of the earliest movie monsters, Kong has a remained a surprisingly durable figure throughout cinema history. Most recently, he appeared as a part of Legendary’s “Monsterverse,” first in his own standalone Kong: Skull Island film, and then in a crossover Godzilla vs. Kong. That movie did well enough in theaters and on streaming in 2021 that a sequel is in development; back in May, it was reported that Dan Stevens had been cast in the project.

Deadline says the Kong character has “an entangled web of rights,” and it sure sounds like it if two different studios are concurrently making two different versions of him in two different media.

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